Jesus Christ, Superstar

I told my daughter last night that the outpouring of love for Michael Jackson reminds me of when Britain’s Princess Diana died in 1997. We’ll never know the intimate details of their life-errors, but, in spite of their sins, something about them moved us, made us feel as if we were on their journeys with them. That’s a lot of star power.

And yet, though we remember her fondly, our thoughts of Princess Diana have faded and the same will likely happen with Michael Jackson. (I know: Blasphemy!)

Which brings me to something I’ve always wondered about, the historical figure we call Jesus Christ, man and God. What is it about Him that has lasted over 2000 years, that makes us feel in 2009 that He is right here with us, holding us, loving us, healing us. How does He do that? If we were blessed with loving parents who are now gone, we can still feel their love and tap their lessons and compassion from our memories. But once we’re gone, no matter how loving they were, they’ll be gone, too. What is it about Jesus Christ that is so different?

I think it’s that the force that created the universe is concentrated in Him, like He was made with a Love-laser, every cell glowing, radiating pure love. I’ve always believed that type of unconditional love is irresistible and that’s why we’ll all, eventually, go home to God. Jesus Christ is irresistible! We cannot not love Him, his voice, his touch, his gaze, his smile, his hand extended toward us, drawing us in.

I don’t know if things like the wars created in His name, the killing, the hate and intolerance, the abuse, racism, greed and disrespect for others, make Him cry, or if He is simply, patiently waiting for us to get over ourselves. Should we practice what He preached? Oh, yes, we should. No matter the past, we should let go of it, look within, look up and accept the hand of the man/God who is the Light.

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