A Prayer for My Children

I pray that no matter the choices you make, you will always know how much you are loved by God, and by me. I love you in the way only a mother can, but we are all God’s children and He wants us, after our Earth experiences, to choose to be with Him.

I pray you are patient with yourself and with your loved ones. We are all in this boat together and the world is a hard enough place already.

I pray that you sow seeds of kindness and compassion wherever you are, because these seeds bear much fruit, as joy, in our lives.

I pray that the wily shadow self does not trick you too often or for too long.

I pray you are a good friend to others, and that you are rewarded with true, abiding friendships.

I pray that every teardrop cleanses you and brings you closer to unraveling the roots of your suffering.

I pray you come to recognize that you did choose this life, for both its blessings and its pain, for the growth of your soul.

I pray you do not use or manipulate people, or circumstances. The payment we extract of our-selves for this is very high. Commit to do your best and leave the rest to God (as the famous slogan goes).

And, perhaps most importantly, I pray you come to understand that each of us believes we are the center of the universe. (You can check this by observing your thoughts for a few minutes.) We all struggle with this self-centeredness, but that is why we are here: to understand we are only one tiny cell on God’s body and yet, that we each have an important part to play in the Great Cosmic Story of life on Earth.


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