Mistakes, then Unconditional Love

We Are Never Abandoned

There are so many mistakes to be made as a human, from little ones to the big life-errors that make us cringe and wonder if God loves us when we think of them. But, doesn’t it seem likely that our omniscient Creator knows our weaknesses and likely errors before we are born?

We come into this physical world to live, to make choices, to experience and to grow in wisdom. We are not born to separate farther from our Creator.

I think of God as unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. No matter how far we sink into the muck, we will not be separated from God unless we consciously choose to be. Very few walk that path.

The hard part for us humans is believing that God knows us, cares deeply and understands not only us, but all that happens in our world due to mankind’s actions. We are asked, when ready, to become God’s hands, God’s feet and God’s heart, to help heal this country and world.

We’ve been taught many untruths about life and the mistakes we make. Know that God is Love, forever an invitation–the invitation–to love and be loved. Someday we will fathom the gift that God’s love is and our tears of sorrow and regret will be transformed into tears of joy.

From Whining to Heroic

MazeA longing for spiritual growth, for connection with something deeper, begins when we acknowledge that while we live in a physical world, there is a causal world we can’t see with our physical eyes. There are man-made laws to keep order, but there are also universal laws that apply to us, because we are souls of the invisible world who take on bodies in a material world. The universal laws are the laws of our Creator, designed to guide us–the ones who strayed–back Home.

Michael Brine has written here about the universal law of, “As we sow, so shall we reap,” explaining that if too much negativity is put out, by a person, a city, or a country, the scales tip and even innocent children are caught up in the ‘reaping.’ I think he’s right—it’s a good explanation that helped me to understand more about mass tragedies. The children lost to us may be souls who volunteered their young lives before they were born for human evolution.

The only way we can change what happens to us (the reaping) is to change what we think and do (the sowing), making way for growth. I’ve seen several stories about men who were deeply involved in street-gang life, violence, drug sales, keeping girls as prostitutes, and on and on, but who had an inner conversion and when they got out of prison, they began to work on behalf of young people in gangs. “Hear my story,” they say. “Let’s change your story before you become me.”

My story, or yours, may not be as dramatic, but the law still applies. In order to change our lives, we must change our thoughts and actions. Blaming others, feeling self-pity, desiring revenge—all of this has to go for us to be born anew into lives befitting our nature as souls.

One universal law that has been a tough one for me is the law of acceptance. We can’t control everything that happens to us—we can only control how we react to those things. Many years ago I was a partner at a small newspaper where we published an annual issue on people we called the ‘able-disabled.’ Some had been in crippling accidents and had lost the use of their arms or legs or both. One young woman lost all four limbs to gangrene. She was a torso in an electric wheelchair and had been fitted with artificial arms and metals clips for fingers that allowed her to work as a switchboard operator. She was filled with grace and acceptance and trust in God. I’ve made much progress in accepting the loss of an active life (related to illness), but I’m nowhere close to where this beautiful young woman was. I see her light and follow when I can.

We can fight what has happened to us for as long as we like. We can also accept, forgive and move on with what we do have, with what we can do. The gift of life and the opportunity to grow on Earth is priceless. Once we realize this, we begin the process of moving from whiner to the hero of our own story.

Never Wander Far From Your Heart’s Light, A Guest Post from Mike Hopkins

Stay True to Light

Sometimes I think of all the sickness in our world.

If one becomes engaged in this sickness,

over time one will become sick.

So live within the darkness of men and women,

yet hold tight upon the Light.

Never wander far from your Heart’s Light.

Live amongst men and women and

participate in community.

Yet, do not join in the dark intentions of those

who manipulate others for their own purposes.

Stay true to the Light within yourSelf

So as to show a way out of the madness

of men and women.

© 2016    M.N. Hopkins
My thanks to: http://mnhopkins.blogspot.se/2016/07/never-wander-far-from-your-hearts-light.html

Let’s Dump Our Guilt and Shame

I’ve thought a lot about the toll guilt and shame have taken on my being and I wonder if these two emotions are not a problem in many peoples’ lives, especially those who break down in some way, such as people like me who get sick, or who are homeless for many years of their lives.

How can anyone have confidence or imagine success when wracked with guilt, or if we are separated from family or friends due to the shame we feel? It’s much harder to go through life separated from loved ones because they are embarrassed or ashamed of us. I guess that’s the point, though.

Have you ever wondered why we are who we are? Doesn’t it make sense that we enter into life to be who we really are? That would mean that we are born to the life we have chosen specifically for us to learn what we’re made of, and to grow from the understanding we gain through living our lives. We might try to suppress certain inclinations, but we can’t, because that from which we hide (even if only from ourselves) raises its ugly head in surprising ways, usually at the worst possible moment for maximum humiliation. At least, that’s the way it worked for me.:)

Our conscience was meant to be our guide, not to trigger years of wallowing in guilt and hiding in shame. Not only does wallowing separate us from others, it separates us from God because we put up a wall there: “Don’t try to talk to me, God. At all! I know what I’ve done and that I’m one of your black-sheep rejects. I get it, okay?”

That voice is not Love talking. It is the darker part of our human nature that, at least until we are willing to stand toe-to-toe with it, manipulates us away from the light. I see this like we are all in a movie with a great battle between Love and fear and fear wants to control us, while Love desires only to heal us.

What a wonderful world it would be if we could bag up our guilt and shame and take it all to the dump. Then those of us who harshly denounce others could go and trade in our condemnation for compassion. We’d be people at peace with each other and yes, that would be a wonderful world.

If We Get Past Our Thoughts, What Do We Find?

I remember being at a motivational meeting in my mid-20s and the speaker asked anyone who could get through a locked door without the key to raise his hand. Only a couple of hands went up. Then he asked the same question but added that our child was on the other side of the door and the room was on fire. “How many of you could get into the room now?” he asked. Nearly every hand went up, including mine.

His point was about motivation and I’ve thought about his questions many times over the years. What makes a person or an activity valuable in our lives? Who would we risk our lives for? How do we find those important things, the ones that make getting out of bed every day exciting and fulfilling? This knowledge lies within us, but it is beyond the noise and clutter of thought-production.

Thinking WomanAren’t thoughts funny things? One after another after another after another, never stopping—unless we decide we are the bosses, not them. After all, these bodies are soul-carriers with specific purposes, the most important being contact between the two. Our minds can be receivers, (for me it’s often when I’m writing), but whatever it is inside us that produces thoughts doesn’t like being turned off or even turned down. Thinking can drive us crazy with confusion, opinions, fears and judgments. Isn’t the inner critic amazing? It is never at a loss for words, especially those designed to keep us stuck in the same worried/frantic place.

The thing is, it’s all a lie. We’re not meant to live in fear and confusion, separate from others. We’re made for service and community, for sharing our lives, for love of a personal kind and the kind that includes us but is more than us. Love is the answer to every question. Every question. It is the source of life, the purpose of life, and the invitation to inspiration and meaning. It can be tapped by setting aside quiet time every day, sitting with our eyes closed and a willingness to let our thoughts come and go without judgment. When our thoughts no longer get a rise out of us, it’s not as much fun for them, and the space for peace heals our minds and bodies and spirits.  Where could quiet time take you?

We Need to ‘Light More Candles’

Hot Air Balloons

There is a verse in the Bible that goes something like, “The sins of the father are visited on his children,” which I understood as, “The children pay for their father’s sins.” The first time I heard this, I thought, “That’s not fair! The father should pay for his own sins.”

I contemplated possible explanations for this philosophy, such as it’s the DNA that is passed from parent to child, as in tendencies and potential. Then I thought of children who are raised in violent homes who go on to raise their children in violent homes. In wars, soldiers fight for their side and, in retaliation, their towns are bombed and their children die. And, at least in the movies, personal crimes are committed against children as payback for something their parents did.

But then I realized, we’re all so interconnected, it’s not just my father’s sins or your father’s sins affecting me and you; it’s all of us together in one big pot. We are each responsible for our thoughts and actions because what you do affects me and everyone else, and what I do affects you and everyone else. When we think negative thoughts and project negative opinions, their energy gathers with other negative thoughts. The more there are, the more powerful and inviting the mass of dark energy becomes. It doesn’t take much, some anger or outrage and a few drinks or a drug, and we tap the dark energy field. BAM! Our negative thoughts become negative actions, ever supporting the growing darkness–and the cycle repeats itself over and over again.

When we send loving, healing thoughts out to the world, they, likewise, gather with other loving thoughts; and like the sun rising over the horizon, their very nature dispels the darkness. The old saying, ‘It takes one candle to light a dark room,’ has never been more true—but there is a pretty big mass of fear-darkness hovering over our planet today. We need to light more candles: It’s a very good time to practice forgiveness. We can start small and, as we experience the value of letting go and healing, build up to the big issues. (Practice does make perfect.)

Call your parents or a sibling. Get out of the rut and check on your elderly neighbor. Drop off some groceries at the food bank or volunteer at the homeless shelter. Think, “Today, I will be kind, no matter what.’

And last, but not the least of things we can do, is to pray with all we’ve got for our angels to come to our aid. They are waiting for us to ask for their help and we need them. We are powerless against the powers of darkness without the forces of love and light.

We’re Here Seeking Balance

One day when I was folding laundry, my young daughter walked into the room and said, “Mommy, I have a question.”

Fantasy horses“Okay,” I said, placing a towel on the stack. “What is it?”

“I can’t tell if when I’m sleeping is the real world, or if this is the real world.”

Whoa, is she my daughter, or what? “Well, I think I’ve decided that since we spend more time awake than asleep, this is the real world. But I can’t say for sure.”

“Okay, thanks, mommy.” And she skipped out of the room, leaving me wondering how in the world I was to answer questions like that from someone so young.

Every spiritual practice I’ve read about describes the veil between this world and the world of light—the real world. So, where are we when we’re awake and when we’re asleep? I love that our dreams teach us about our emotions, and that we can fly, and swim under water without gills, and speak and cause things to happen. I suppose having those powers is also why we have to wake up. We can’t all speak and cause whatever we want to happen; that really would be a disaster.:)

I guess being born on Earth really is school, with life showing us what is possible when goodness rules–and if darkness was to rule. We’re here seeking balance, learning that we’re not the center of the universe, yet that we are precious to God; that it’s not about what we take, but what we produce and give; and that the darkness we see in this world is a con job and that our true home is in the light. No matter how much the darkness puffs itself up, we’re headed for the light. It is decreed.

Kindness, A Blessing Unfolding

global neighborhoodWe all know the rewards of kindness: a smile, perhaps a genuine hug, a sense of connection with another and, of course, the warm glow we feel inside for having helped someone. There is something magical about kindness, something more that happens that can’t be measured with our physical eyes. Kindness bathes the giver and the receiver in its own light, yet it is not isolated to any single act. It ripples out in circles from the moment of the kind act, touching every living thing forever, for the energy of love can never die. Surely, every act of kindness is a blessing unfolding.

The Path to Peace: You Are As Important As I Am

handshakeThere is a path to peace—first to peace within, and that leads to peace between people and nations. It is a well-lit road, yet the least traveled because on it we must expand our understanding to include the views of others, intuiting that they are as important as we are. It means respecting all of life, because our Creator made this world and all living things.

Whenever you see political candidates and our representatives in Washington, D.C. talking with a smirk or a look of superiority on their faces, know that they are not genuine, that they care more about themselves and their viewpoints than they do the American people. And when people in power make racist and sexist comments, know that they are full of a pride that will tear our country apart if we don’t ourselves stand for brotherhood.

We will not experience peace as long as we continue to elect men who boast about themselves and their ideas and manipulate our country to increase their holdings. Honest peacemaking generates consensus through truth, which is a broad picture that respects all citizens as equal. It is not time to travel backwards and further separate. It is time to raise our consciousness and work for the best life possible for ourselves and others, people who are in truth, our brothers and sisters.