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The Essence of Life

The younger ones say hi to Max or me more often and sometimes come along for part of our walk. They tell me about themselves, what’s on their minds and I try to offer a kind word or two. I’ve been using beads my friends gave me to make to make stretch bracelets for them. Sometimes I’m flashed a genuine smile, but others, or a sibling and in one case a parent, can’t resist pulling them apart not long after the girls pick them out. Our own beauty is in the learning of who we are and why we’re here, on this planet, right now. Continue reading

Where to Now?

We probably still won’t know everything (that would be boring, anyway), but maybe we’ll know how to get along, how to make sure every soul has a loving environment, family and friends, access to health care and education and meaningful work. Continue reading

What is Karma?

I walked to a drawer, pulled it open and pulled out several different cards, each one showing me records from particular lifetimes. Holy shit! I thought, shoving my drawer closed.
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You Are SO Loved

You know how your dad died? Everybody has good things happen and bad things like that, too. But, God never dies. He’s always with us, no matter what, and He wants you to know you’re never alone and that He loves you with all of His heart. All you have to do is talk to Him.”
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What Do You Look Like Without a Body?

If we could meet up without our bodies, what would we look like? Do our essences still have strong passions, strong opinions? If we couldn’t arm wrestle to see who’s right, would we, um . . . shoot fire from our eyes?
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We were born knowing “WE CAN” … it's not within us, that idea of giving up… that is something we tell ourselves when we are afraid to succeed.

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There are no contests in the Art of Peace. A true warrior is invincible because s/he contests with nothing. - M. Ueshiba

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